GP-2 190 4-SPEED



The new 2022 GP-2 is the latest and greatest from the world’s premier MiniGP motorcycle manufacturer, Ohvale!. The GP-2 features an entirely new chassis and swingarm, all longer and bigger, to accommodate for the new 12″ wheels. Ohvale has also upgraded the brakes and discerning riders can opt for a better front fork with full adjustability. This bike has proven to be 1-2 seconds faster per lap at every track during testing and development. It is the next level!


  • CHASSIS: A new chassis dedicated to this model has been developed for Ohvale GP-2.  The new frame is longer and has a steering angle increased of 0.5 °.  A new engine position has been decided to optimize the bike’s center of gravity and the swingarm pivot has been repositioned for correct chain force.  New conical steering bearings for more precise steering adjustment and a new position of the shock absorber fixing on the frame and swingarm to improve sensitivity at low speeds.

    Swingarm has been extended by 25mm.

    TRIPLE CLAMPS: The width of the steering bridges has been increased to allow removal of the front wheel without removing the brake caliper.  The top bridge has a new aesthetic and integrated MotoGP style handlebar adjustment.

    The half-handlebar collars have been redesigned and through a different fixing system of the half-handlebars, strength has been improved.

    FRONT FORK: The front wheel pivot changes to a diameter of 15mm to increase the torsional stiffness of the fork.  The standard fork is a 33mm fork tube with CNC fork lower.  An upgrade to a fully adjustable Mupo front fork with 38mm fork tube is available.

    BRAKING SYSTEM: The Ohvale GP-2 begins Ohvale’s collaboration with the Spanish company J.Juan, internationally renowned for the quality of its racing products.

  • The new front brake system of OHVALE GP-2 has better braking power and greater resistance (no fading).

    The J.Juan front braking system features a radial caliper with 4 25mm diameter pistons diameter and larger dimensions for heat dissipation, a floating 220mm diameter brake disc, and a new front master cylinder with longer and adjustable lever for better ergonomics.

    Wheels: The Ohvale GP-2 mounts 12″ shell cast rims, with a technology that allows to obtain a casting with more precise tolerances and better mechanical characteristics.

    The rims are equipped with bearings that allow you to mount the spacers fixed to the wheel to enable quick and easy wheel changes.

    New Ergonomics: The position of the footrests has been revised and new supports have been developed.  The height and length of the seating position has been revised and improved for taller riders.  The position of the half-handlebars has been advanced.  The fairings have also been revised in their dimensions and aesthetics.

    Engine: The GP-2 remains with the trusted Daytona 190 4-speed engine.  This choice was carried out to facilitate the entry of this version into the existing one-make sporting activities at the national and international level.


PRICE: $6999

Prices do not include shipping, sales tax, or prep fees (where applicable). Prices include import duties.