Rise Moto began when two motorcycle enthusiasts, and best friends, were traveling through Europe and stumbled upon a product that came along that was like nothing they had seen in the States…the Ohvale GP-0.

​Our mission is to look for visionary companies with products, such as the Ohvale GP-0, and help bring them to the USA in an effort to grow the exhilarating sport of motorcycle racing here in the states!

The founders of Rise Moto also own and operate Thailand Moto Tours, a successful motorcycle tour company in Thailand *obviously* (  Did we say we like motorcycles?

  • Brandon Cretu


7x Isle of Man TT competitor and ultimate journeyman racer, Brandon has done a little bit of everything from Suzuka, to Macau, to LeMans. Along with pursuing his dreams of being a mediocre professional motorcycle racer, he also thought it would be cool to stay in school and earn his MBA. Brandon is a get-things-done type of guy who goes above and beyond to achieve Rise Moto’s vision and take care of everyone in the Ohvale family.