The Aprilia Sport Production 2020 was a project Ohvale started alongside the Aprilia Sport Production Italian Championship, featuring young riders, starting at 11 years old, racing in six events on these bikes.

But the story of Ohvale and Aprilia’s partnership spreads farther. With OHVALE USA, the Aprilia project is not just a European affair, as the 250cc track bike has been brought to the USA as well. The initiative is really to provide avenues for young talents to grow within the industry and introduce the sport at a high level to an entire generation of young riders.

With 30hp (22kW) and a dry weight of 231 lbs (105 kg), the Aprilia RS250 SP is designed to be an affordable, but competent racing machine. The bike was built with the involvement of the Italian Motorcycling Federation (FMI), with Italy looking to develop a spec-series with the motorcycle. The bike also features Öhlins suspension, forged aluminum Marchesini wheels, Pirelli slicks, an SC-Project exhaust, and high-spec Brembo brakes (M50 caliper with Brembo RCS 14×18/20 master cylinder).

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